The Real Soul Return Story:
For all things misplaced, lost, forgotten… something pulls you from the inside like a question mark tied to a kite. It seeks its roots, from the never-ending wellspring of inspiration… places to explore – places where the Soul Returns.
Long ago, at the edge of the deepest grooves, on the record of sometime; Howlin’ Wolf and Charley Patton had a love-child family with Memphis Minnie, Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday. Their wandering tribe of children sought out the likes of other kindred spirits in Blind Lemon Jefferson, Jimmie Rodgers, King Solomon Hill, and Curtis Mayfield. They hung out with unknown hillbillies and jazz gypsies, in circus-tents and traveling medicine shows. The new music-love-tornado family tore through the layers of destiny, then re-transported through the worm hole of time into the far-away future… when the Soul Returns.
When you hear that low-down shufflin’ sound, the “it” that taps your ancient Neanderthal groove – your Cro- Magnon boogie streams from across another parallel universe. And now you remember! So you play the song again, just to hear that thing that can’t be described. That feeling you almost forgot. That thing you need – as you feel your……………………… Soul Return